Digital Marketing + SEO Specialist

Having a website that looks great is important, but it’s insignificant if search engines don’t display your pages in search results. Generating great rankings organically is a cost-effective way of increasing traffic, since you don’t have to keep paying for ads to generate traffic to your website. Paying for premium ad space on top of search engine results pages, or SERPs is very expensive and competitive.

As an SEO specialist I optimize websites organically and improves website performance in SERPs. Contact me to discuss how I can help your website rankings and click-through rates.

Organic SEO

Organic search engine optimization is very powerful and is my primary focus for SEO clients. While it takes time and effort to build organic search rankings, a website will benefit greatly once it has achieved better placement in SERPs. The basic process is comprised of three steps: keyword research and analysis, on-page optimization, and performance analysis. Successful SEO improvements usually lead to decreased bounce rates, increased traffic and conversions, and incoming links back to your website. As a result your reputation with search engines with improve.

PPC Marketing

Pay-per-click advertising, or PPC, is a great way to instantly drive targeted traffic to a website. PPC ads are featured in search engine result pages and other affiliated websites that agree to display these ads. Ad placement depends on a few key factors: bid price, competition, target keyword relevance, website reputation and the quality of ad copy.

There are many complex decisions that need consideration with PPC campaigns. Is an ad targeting the right consumer base? Are the targeted keywords the best fit for a company? Can tweaking a few ad elements increase conversions? A good PPC campaign manager can help you save a considerable amount of wasted money.

Content Development

Search engines update their algorithms frequently to improve the quality of SERPs. Displaying web pages that are more relevant to the search term input creates a better overall search experience. Creating meaningful content that provides something of value is the central focus of content development and continues to be a fundamental aspect of search algorithms. A steady stream of useful content will improve your website and encourage others to share your content – which is another metric that search algorithms takes into consideration.

Performance Analysis

Monitoring and analyzing your website performance can help improve conversion and bounce rates. Reliable tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console provide actionable data that help reveal areas that need improvement. These portals store data such as broken links, crawl errors, demographics of visitors, what links are pointing back to your site, recommendations from Google, search phrases your site shows up for, and a lot more.