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Web Design For People

A well-designed and effective website can help differentiate a business from the rest of its competition. Advances in mobile technologies are rapidly expanding access points for consumers. This alters the way we purchase products and services. As a result, your website should adapt to the vast array of mobile devices and computers that are available.

All projects that I’m involved with abide by this key principle. I’m a professional web designer in Connecticut who always keeps the user experience in mind. Let’s build something special together.

Mobile Happy Experience

Responsive websites focus on the mobile user experience. Proper website display on mobile devices is an absolute necessity, especially since Google’s recent algorithm update now penalizes websites that are not responsive. On mobile search results, non-responsive websites now rank lower than websites that are responsive.

The responsive process is one of creating websites that are visually optimized for a wide range of devices. By utilizing the latest technology and design trends, designers and developers are able to craft beautiful websites that look great anywhere. Currently over 50% of global web traffic comes from mobile devices. As you can see responsive is an absolute necessity in today’s Webosphere.

Email Design

Email marketing is a powerful strategy that can help quickly promote your business. The relatively low costs associated with this type of marketing makes it one of the best ways to promote a website and the services it offers. There are currently over 4 billion email accounts worldwide and email marketing has an astounding 4,300% return on investment rate.

Formatting your emails in a way that is engaging and converts to your ultimate goal helps increase your subscriber base. HTML emails are a great way to get your message or promotion out to your subscribers. If done correctly it can also help generate lots of new business.

Marketing Graphics

Updating promotional and branded graphics on a regular basis will help give your marketing campaigns a fresh look. Especially if you are running a website with lots of traffic, it’s probably a good idea to frequently provide your customers with something new. The most common requests I receive for marketing material designs include Google remarketing banners, Google AdWords image ads, and image sliders.